Website Development Process

Our experience developing many websites over several years has enabled us to refine our development process. This structure provides a clear path from concept to completion. No matter the complexity of the project, our process guides the interaction between our team and your team to produce a great end product. Read through the steps and when you’re ready to go click the “Get Started” button at the bottom.


Required Outcome Discussion

We work with you to develop a complete understanding of what you want to achieve with this website. This is the part where we really dig deep to ensure that nothing you want is left unsaid. Our goal is to understand all of your current and potential future needs so we can craft a website that meets those immediate needs and prepares you for future growth.

Site Outline

Basic Architecture Illustration

Now that we have an understanding of your needs, we draw up the outline. This will included the elements needed to accomplish your stated goals. We will do a comprehensive review with you to be sure that we have not missed anything. This becomes the blueprint for your website.


Draft for Review

In this phase, we will develop a draft. This will be an interactive prototype that includes all of the elements discussed previously. We will do a full review with you to discuss what should be included in the launch. This phase is complete when we have agreed that the draft is a good prototype for your needs.


Full Site Development

This is when your website comes to life. We mix the interactive prototype plus all of our previous discussions and a little alchemy to create a working website. We are rapidly approaching completion and you will see the completed website at the end of this phase. Once this is finished, your website is ready for launch.


We Can Write It

Many of our clients provide all of their own written content. However, if you are one of our clients who has opted for us to produce content for you, we will have been writing since our initial development discussion. By now, it will be incorporated into your website for your final review.


Final Site Hand Off

Your website is ready for launch. We will review the site for you and make any final adjustments to ensure we have met your needs. Once we make these we will deploy your project to your server and publish it for the whole world to see. Congratulations!