Newsletter Simplified

Our simplified newsletter system requires only about one hour of your time each month. Here are the steps:
  1. You provide us with 3 subjects you would like to see in your newsletter for the month.
  2. We curate at least 2 articles for the newsletter per subject.
  3. You review the articles and choose the ones you want in your newsletter.
  4. We write the lead in for each article.
  5. You write a short (2 to 3 sentence) personal introduction to the newsletter.
  6. You review the newsletter and approve.
  7. We send out the newsletter.
For the setup:
  1. We establish an account with you at an industry leading email marketing software provider.
  2. You provide us with a list of your current contacts as a base for the newsletter distribution.
  3. We import them into the software.
For your website:
  1. We develop a newsletter sign up form and place it prominently on your site.
  2. This will encourage new prospective clients to sign up for your newsletter.