Selling YOUR Way

We’d like to introduce you to your inner salesperson!

OK. Let’s start with the problem. You have a great product or service, and you want to grow your business. Marketing is not producing the results you need. How can you have a more direct impact on growth? What else can you do? The answer is of course making the sales yourself. Direct to your target market. The roadblock is that you hate selling and/or you don’t like salespeople. The thought of actually “selling” your product or service intimidates you. Picking up the phone and cold calling? Shudder at the thought. You don’t want to be selling. You don’t want to be pushy.

So you look for some help. A book is a great place to start right? There is no limit to books out there about selling. They have titles that sound like Become a Top Salesperson. You Can Be a Super Seller. And on and on and on. But all of that is designed to teach you how to become someone else – “salesperson” that thing you don’t like. They are pushy and aggressive. They won’t take no for an answer. (That last one is actually the trait of a successful salesperson!) For most small business owners, even picking up one of those books is a challenge. You don’t want to do any of that. But you are still stuck with the problem of growing your business.

Maybe a book about how to become a super salesperson doesn’t fit you. You know yourself and you are unique. What works for one person doesn’t work for another. The trick is finding your own path.

How would you like to learn more about yourself and your own unique sales style? Because if you aren’t comfortable with selling, you’re not going to do it. I don’t mean comfortable as in easy. Selling is not easy, especially in the beginning. But you can start learning to be comfortable with how you sell. You get confidence because you know yourself better than anyone! The act of selling itself requires effort and practice to become second nature. It takes time to fit you. Like a good pair of hiking boots, your sales persona takes time to break in. Eventually, you will like taking a stroll in your new selling self.

Our course – Selling YOUR Way is our guided journey to find the inner salesperson in all of this. We will look at your history of selling. You don’t have a history of selling you say? Since you are reading this, you must be a real live human. That means you have been selling since birth. Let’s review. You won’t remember this, but your mother gave birth to you. They cut the umbilical cord and you were on your own for the first time in your life. What happened not long after this shock? You cried because you were hungry. And then you got some milk. Congratulations, you made your first sale!

Now that we have established that you have been selling all your life we can talk about our course – Selling Your Way. We have designed it to build your unique sales persona so you will be comfortable selling your product or service. By the end of the course, you will be able to discuss your business offering with anyone. Because you have gained confidence that what you are selling is right for them, you will be able to ask for the sale. This is the most important part of the selling process. Closing. With the confidence you get from knowing your selling self, this will come naturally.

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